One of the most outstanding works of art from 19th Biennale of Sydney is by a young Lithuanian artist, Ignas Krunglevicius. Born in 1979 in Lithuania, this contemporary artist is bringing a fresh and powerful series of works into the contemporary art scene. While our current contemporary art offering is filled with the likes of Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst, whose profiles seem to be increasingly about their celebrity and less about the creation of great work, Krunglevicius is bringing an authenticity and powerful realism to the table.

In this Biennale piece Interrogation, 2009, Krunglevicius uses video installation, sound and stripped back language to create art that is gritty, refreshingly real and deeply powerful.The work itself is based on a simple premise, a police transcript of an actual murder that occurred in the US in 2004, and contains a dialogue between two people- the investigator and the suspect.


The piece is displayed across two large screens at 90 degrees from each other-a screen representing each of the two parties. The work is read, presented as lines of text that drop across the screen at pace, which sets and then changes the emotional charge in the piece.

As the text drops across the screen it is accompanied by  electronic beats and sounds that support the pacing of the timing of the words. Pauses and silence build the energy as much as the change of pace and the language. The background changes from black to red to white, which interchangeably heighten word value in some areas and soften in others. The 13 minute piece keeps the viewer spellbound as we visually play out the scene in our heads.

Krunglevicius’ interpretation guides us through the nuance of words unsaid, and in doing so highlights the subtleties of language usage. The ability to manipulate others  or expose ourselves becomes apparent as we take away the control devices from the speaker such as verbal cues and intonation. Pulling back to the purity of the language and the complexity therein is highlighted through the work.

Interrogation, Ignas Krunglevicius, 2009

Krunglevicius is trained as a composer, and the combining of  targeted composition with visual cues within video installation creates compelling story telling.  Another of Krunglevicius’ works using these same techniques is Narrative With an Unexpected Outcome 2011, in which the story of a troubled teen unfolds in an equally intriguing manner.

Gradients,2012 is yet another fascinating piece, as it sets up two artificial intelligence robots in conversation , with unexpected results.

Check it our here. http://krunglevicius.com/

Krunlevicius is an artist to watch, with work that is truly exciting, and well worth an exploration . Hats off to Juliana Engberg for a fantastic addition to the 19th Biennale of Sydney.

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