While we wait to hear if Banksy claims responsibility for the Cheltenham telephone box piece found on Sunday morning in the UK, today Banksy’s website is showing another new piece.

Assumed to be somewhere in the UK , this stencil art shows a clandestine couple sheltering in a doorway above a barbed wire fence. Who are they hiding from?Someone on the other side of the fence? Someone outside the doorway?  Or maybe they are hiding from themselves?

The couple ,in the dark, tenuously holding each other,have their focus squarely on their mobile devices. So much for candlelight, its mobile phone light for this romantic duo. So busy in  their instantaneous virtual life, they fail to truly engage in the life in front of their eyes.


It’s a little bit Berlin wall with a modern edge,it’s a little bit retro with the black and white stencil outline of the couple, but more than anything, it’s a sad reflection on the awful truth.

I wonder if Banksy owns a smart phone?

Nice one Banksy, for yet another piece of  ‘straight between the eyes’ social commentary.

Post Script….Today 15th April, the location of this piece was revealed as Clement Street, Bristol in Banksy’s home town.

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